Excellent High-Rise Building Maintenance Service

Our professionally trained IRATA rope access technicians can provide you with high-rise building maintenance that pays close attention to detail. We have many projects under our belt and always provide real-time reports of any maintenance issues we discover.

Understanding What Abseiling Building Maintenance Includes

During our maintenance runs, we inspect what requires repairs. Here are some examples of concerns we will flag:

  • Water leaks
  • Moisture ingress
  • Concrete cancers
  • Failing expansion joints
  • Air leaks in windows or frames

We also pay close attention to whether you need painting, caulking, window cleaning, or glass restoration and will advise accordingly.

Powerful Benefits of Rope Access Remedial Work

There are clear indicators that rope access work is the better choice for your building maintenance. Here are some examples of why you should consider high-rise teams instead of traditional methods:

  • Traditional methods, such as scissor lifts or extensive scaffolding, costs significantly more money.
  • High-rise technicians can comfortably reach any part of the building without adding increased work time to the project.
  • Unlike scaffolds or lifts, high-rise technicians do not hinder anyone in or around the building during the job, making it functional any day of the year.

Consult With Our Rope Access Building Maintenance Team

Book a consultation today and speak to one of our professionals about your high-rise building maintenance requirements. Should you be interested, we also provide high-rise painting or high-rise window cleaning services.


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