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This spectacular waterfront Strata Building property was up for its first 10 year paint.

On quoting Arualan Apartments, for this commercial painting job, The strata building chairman explained that there is areas that they couldn’t scaffold or get a boom into, even considering using the neighboring property. Also, when the penthouse was being built after the original construction, they were left with a lot of damage to the building where they cut off the metal rods joining the building to the scaffold leaving holes in the facade and causing concrete cancer in places. I explained we could paint the whole building with 0 machinery or scaffold and with 0 harm to the building and we could also repair the prior damage cause by the previous scaffold. All for approx. 30% less cost than using the other method. There was also minimal anchor points. After inspection I found enough structure and metal beams around the upper balconies and roof to adequately rig the job and not need to install more.

The building was always going to be a challenge because of its architectural brilliance. Glass balustrades, gutters and louvers didn’t stop us. Approx. 40% of the Strata building was rope access work, the rest we accessed by ladders. The team consisted of rope access technicians as well as ground crew working consecutively around the building to schedule. The entire project took 6 weeks encountering rain and wind in this time.


Quality materials equals a quality job

Quality paint ‘Taubmans Endure’ was used as well as elastomeric ‘granoskin’ on planted boxers at the request of strata.

Painting The louvers made all the difference on this building. It was an extra that may not have been included. Everyone was glad it was, as testing as it was painting them, it made the biggest difference.


What the clients said

“Thank you and congratulations to the team at Sydney and West painting and rope access for a challenge completed to the highest standard.”